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Luxman 3600

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Dimensions:465 x 168 x 206mm (W x H x D)

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By: G Williams 21st Jun 2022
5 out of 5 "A3600" new
The 3600 was also known as the MQ3600 (export version) and the A3600 (Japanese kit). I have the A3600 (100V) which I use with a step down transformer from 230V (Aus). The original output tubes were 8045Gs - four of them in push-pull configuration. Many have been converted to take 6550/KT88 tubes since 8045Gs have been out of production for decades.

Mine has been converted and has four Svetlana KT88s. It makes beautiful music - not euphonic and overly smooth but instruments and voices are more palpable. The soundstage is wide and I don't sense any roll off low down or high up. The bass is not lacking, nor is it mushy. Imaging is focussed across the soundstage but less so wrt depth.

I love it.