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Latest Reviews

Kenwood KL-7070D 5 out of 5
25 May 2021
By: Joseph Bernecker
"Set of 4 7070D's"
Kenwood KL-7070D I have purchased these off Ebay from guys stationed in Korea. I run them Pan-ambio with my T.V... movies are visceral sound excellent 👌 More

Tannoy 609 5 out of 5
23 May 2021
By: Eric
"Tannoy 609 (latest)"
Tannoy 609 An update: I've upgraded my system to a Cambridge Audio Azur 851N streamer, acting as a preamp for a PS Audio Stellar S300 power amp. My Tannoy 609s have more than risen to the challenge of better equipment. They sound incredible. I've eliminaged the toe-in to broaden the soundstage. And what a soundstage they deliver - it's holographic! More

Pioneer SA-560 5 out of 5
18 May 2021
By: Kostantinos Dagkas
"Pioneer SA 560"
Pioneer SA-560 Great little amplifier Very nice sound Enough power More

Harman Kardon HK1400 5 out of 5
15 May 2021
By: Kapetangiannis Kosta
"HK1400 vs. Yamaha RS202"
Harman Kardon HK1400 I have had the HK1400 since 1999, together with a HK CD player the HD740 and Tannoy R1 bookshelf speakers connected with twinned Kimber cable. The sound has been very good. In the last year I decided to upgrade the CD player and bought the Marantz cd5005. I thought that combining this with the Yamaha integrated amplifier at 100w would give me a better sound. I have tried this for 4 months and failed to get the openness the transparency and stagin... More

Philips 590 5 out of 5
13 May 2021
By: Otto
"22 RH 590"
Philips 590 Very good vintage amp from Philips best era. Nice and warm sound. Bit underpowered but its special sound compensates. A matching speaker must be found for this, I use model 22 RH 422. Buy one in a good condition and try it - you will not be disappointed. More

Philips 594 4 out of 5
13 May 2021
By: Otto
"22 AH 594"
Philips 594 Very great vintage amp, clear and warm sound, attractive look, higher power but lack of bass compare to 22 AH 590. More

Sansui T-80 5 out of 5
02 May 2021
By: Pacowolf
"Sansui T-80"
Sansui T-80 A very sensitive and selective little tuner. More

Tannoy DC2000 Series 90 5 out of 5
28 April 2021
By: Mr M S Allington
"Tannoy DC2000"
Tannoy DC2000 Series 90 Stunning speakers for the going price at the moment. Upgraded my phono leads to Van Damme lo-cap and now drum cymbals shimmer as they should, brass instruments sound amazing with these speakers. Running with Musical Fidelity x2 P180 power amps and 3B Pre as a bi-amped configuration. These speakers replaced a pair of Monitor Audion RS1 that sounded dull in comparison. More

Tannoy DC2000 Series 90 5 out of 5
19 April 2021
By: Sergio
"Tannoy Dc2000 30 Years old."
Tannoy DC2000 Series 90 Buy a pair of 1991 Tannoy DC2000s in 2021. A vintage with a particular charm. First of all I must say that they sound very good, warm but rich in detail, not tiring, an enveloping sound with a great soundstage and beautiful on the voices as per Tannoy tradition. To make them sound better I changed the crossover capacitors, after 30 years it seems right. I used 2.7 and 4.7 uF Mundorf MCAP EVOs. The sound gained airiness and speed. It is also bette... More

Sony SS-E70 5 out of 5
18 April 2021
By: Stef
"Very good"
Sony SS-E70 Very underated sony speakers with seas drivers,sound very good and natural, but still punchy. More