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Latest Reviews

Ruark Icon 5 out of 5
02 April 2024
By: S Lam
"A rare talented smaller format speaker"
Ruark Icon I found these for a bargain on eBay last year at a fraction of the new price and I'm really impressed. I normally prefer the larger sound stage of my custom-built Wilmslow audio floor standing speakers, but this time I was only looking for something for a smaller room of 3metres by 4metres. I've paired them with a Linn Sekrit DSM and Marantz CD6007 and I can genuinely hear the detail across a range of different material. It's a versatile s... (Full Review)

Pioneer CS-V11 4 out of 5
17 March 2024
By: Geoff
"Apparently these were used in bars in conjunction with a dukebox"
Pioneer CS-V11 Rare find, was told these were sold to bars/pubs in Australia to use in conjunction with a jukebox, as surrounds. Seems to me they have set up the "8 driver as more of a mid than a bass, also no wadding or foam anywhere internally,lining internal cavity completely with a thick heavy duty foam helped to add a bit of bass. I used a subwoofer, normally if in use, I'd set at a frequency of around 80hz, In this case setting sub to cut in at around... (Full Review)

Tannoy Oxford T125 5 out of 5
10 March 2024
By: Ben
"Amazing speakers"
Tannoy Oxford T125 Incredible speakers, the T125 Oxford are the only model from this serie used for monitoring...they sound incredibly good and natural and they are very well built...I match them with a monster receiver Technics SA700 from same era....2 x 100Watts RMS pure crisps...they can outclass so many modern speakers of above 1200$ and many very expensive famous vintage speakers also...If you find them in good shape, just don't miss them!!! (Full Review)

Sony SS-CSPZ50 3 out of 5
06 March 2024
By: Audio Guy
"Sony SS-CSPZ50"
Sony SS-CSPZ50 They do sound quiet good for what they are, alot better than "BBC systems" but not Hi-Fi Pretty flat response, lacks bass (50hz~ -3db close to a wall) and treble sloped downwards. Would suggest putting close to a wall and turning the treble up 3-5db Finish is nice, white woofers can get discoloured over time Would suggest for a PC setup From the Sony CMT-SPZ50 (Full Review)

Tannoy Oxford T125 5 out of 5
03 March 2024
By: John
Tannoy Oxford T125 Increibles oradores magnificos detalles en toda su gama muy superiores en sistemas de epoca actual y por su valor ampliamentes mejores hablando de oradores que ronden los 1200 dolares. Tannoy t 125 suenan bien aun en amplificadores de hama media vintage y moderna.

Translation: Incredible speakers, magnificent details in their entire range, much superior in current era systems and for their value, vastly better speaking of speakers that are around 1200 dollars. Tannoy T125 sound good even on vintage and modern home media amplifiers. (Full Review)

Pioneer A-229 4 out of 5
19 February 2024
By: Viktor
"Small amp, big(ish) sound"
Pioneer A-229 While this amp is sleek looking it may understandably fool some into thinking that it's a budget amp with hardly any sonic impact. Quite the contrary is true as the 227 does sound really good! Only downside is that, after some intense observation, the bass seems less powerful than in its bigger siblings (as should be expected). Despite less(er) power, its infrastructure(transformer & caps) is still chunky given the, rather meagre, wattage. Ve... (Full Review)

Pioneer A-447 4 out of 5
19 February 2024
By: Viktor
"Good sound in a nutshell"
Pioneer A-447 When one hears this mid-sized amp for the first time one can't fend of the impression - "BIG Boy". Before I had this 447 I used a 227 for my PC and casual listening. While latter sounded beyond sweet it lacked some muscle in the deeper regions. Once the 447 was "installed" I was in awe of the nice, full sound it produced. The lacking power of the 227 was quickly forgotten as the 447 thundered through some of my favorite material. In Pionee... (Full Review)

Denon PMA-350SE 3 out of 5
19 February 2024
By: Viktor
"Sonic hell has frozen over"
Denon PMA-350SE Like most Denon's this one sounds crystalline and has astoundingly dry bass. I had to listen a few times to some songs to fully take in how controlled and sinewy some of the bass lines sounded. For a short time I thought I had really good sound until I recognized a glaring weakness - the mids are awfully cold / distant and the overall sound too icy. If you have a "fat sounding" source and sloppy speakers then this amp might really help, other... (Full Review)

Denon PMA-560 4 out of 5
19 February 2024
By: Viktor
"Excellent Value"
Denon PMA-560 If one is one a tight budget and wants a really good amp which is neither really old nor new then this one is a no brainer. I recently acquired one for 50 Euros in near mint condition(but with a defect phono stage). Looks Design is clean & visually appealing - the knobs/switches feel good, the volume pretty adequate. Speaker terminals are ok. I like it better than the older xx20 line. Sound wise I can't compare it to the 520 I once had but ... (Full Review)

JPW ML310 5 out of 5
28 January 2024
By: Phil
"Surprising speakers."
JPW ML310 Since downsizing our house, the Mission LX2's were too big to accommodate,especially on wall brackets. Took my old JPW ML310's down from the loft, mounted them on the brackets angled slightly down and toe'd in. I'd forgotten how good these sounded. We all get caught up with chasing that 'ideal' sound but these ML310's convey the music in such an effortless and non-tiring fashion it seems pointless to change. Enjoying them now second t... (Full Review)