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Latest Reviews

Rotel RDP-980
(2 votes : 1 review)
5 out of 5
11 Nov 2019
By: Vinnie
"Rotel RDP-980"
Rotel RDP-980 The Rotel RDP-980, is an excellent DAC, with outstanding detail and insight, a warm full sound, clean accurate top end, tight powerful bottom end, and detailed warm mids, and expansive sound stage, a well balanced sound that with ease, can reveal elements of a recording that you haven't noticed previously, a very good match for an already revealing amplifier and speaker combination, if you find one for sale, I recommend you have a listen, and buy... More

Mordaunt Short MS3.20
5 out of 5
08 Nov 2019
By: abraham cadaon
"mordaunt short ms3.20"
Mordaunt Short MS3.20 i bought this at auction and performs great using a yamaha rxv 496 More

Pioneer SA-7500
(2 votes : 1 review)
4 out of 5
19 Oct 2019
By: alan rochester
"pioneer series 7500"
Pioneer SA-7500 a gem of an integrated amp. a tuner is easy to find for it as well. this will provide meters .its got the same thought of low watt sounds better. runs cool,lasts and lasts. im a believer that mid sized speakers sound best. try polk...jam packed with features. find one and listen to all fav cds ...ull be impressed More

Harman Kardon HK1400
(10 votes : 4 reviews)
5 out of 5
17 Oct 2019
By: Rudi
"Harman Kardon HK 1400"
Harman Kardon HK1400 Having a long search to find the right audio set-up, i experimented with speakers from JBL ( 4312a) B&W , Magnat, Focal and Audiolab. Amplifiers from Technics, Sony to Luxman ( LV 105 ) Tons of sounds from harsh to warm, but only the Sphinx Myth 5 was exact on the spot The Harman Kardon HK 1400 is exactly the same only more affordable. You just never want to look futher for something better ( what i always used to have ) Deep bass when it is ... More

TDL Studio 5
(4 votes : 1 review)
5 out of 5
11 Oct 2019
By: Bert Pachner
"TDL Studio 5 speakers linked to a Yamaha DSPA2 AV system"
TDL Studio 5 I bought these speakers 2nd-hand some 5 years ago. Amazing clarity from anything and everything thats been thrown at them. They are the rear speakers in a 4-1 surround-sound set-up, the front pair being a pait of Goodmans DP900's. Very satisfying all round More