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Latest Reviews

Rotel RC-960BX
(1 vote : 1 review)
3 out of 5
28 Jul 2019
By: Roger
"Nice performance when partnered appropriately"
Rotel RC-960BX I am using this simple preamp with a Linn Room power- Amp which are available very cheaply on the second had market. It provides plenty of detail and scale but is not the most refined in presentation. So do not partner with anything more than a Linn LK85 or it's partner from the Rotel range. It is an old amp now so expect a few dry joints which may impact how well it travels when delivered. The stand out feature is that it has an MC phone input! ... More

Pioneer A-33
(2 votes : 1 review)
4 out of 5
15 Jul 2019
By: Joost
Pioneer A-33 Superb sound quality, Good Bass feed More

Technics SB-HD81
(5 votes : 1 review)
3 out of 5
20 Jun 2019
By: Giacinto
Technics SB-HD81 Basse frequenze molto invadenti e alte frequenze cupe e troppo ammorbidite. Su una vecchia coppia ho messo in serie al woofer una resistenza da 1 Ohm riequilibrando la riproduzione acustica. Mobile del diffusore ben fatto, altoparlanti economici e filtro crossover ben ingegnerizzato. Con la modifica apportata si dimostrato notevolmente migliorato e la consiglio a tutti. Buona Musica.

Google Translation: Low frequencies very intrusive and high frequencies dark and too soft. On an old pair I put a 1 Ohm resistor in series with the woofer, rebalancing the acoustic reproduction. Well made speaker cabinet, inexpensive speakers and well engineered crossover filter. With the modification made, it has proved remarkably improved and I recommend it to everyone. Good music. More