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Latest Reviews

TDL Studio 5
(4 votes : 1 review)
5 out of 5
11 Oct 2019
By: Bert Pachner
"TDL Studio 5 speakers linked to a Yamaha DSPA2 AV system"
TDL Studio 5 I bought these speakers 2nd-hand some 5 years ago. Amazing clarity from anything and everything thats been thrown at them. They are the rear speakers in a 4-1 surround-sound set-up, the front pair being a pait of Goodmans DP900's. Very satisfying all round More

NAD 304
(3 votes : 1 review)
4 out of 5
16 Sep 2019
By: Phillip
"Great Sounding Amplifier"
NAD 304 Great sounding Amp for the money... Plagued thou by the usual MAD cost cutting built in dry joint syndrome...Almost as new dry joints built into this amplifier due to minimal solder being used in manufacture.....For about 10 years from the mid 90's to the mid 2000's I can't remember any NAD amplifier being free form this curse...Pity as a lot of customers got fed up with the reliability of this company being so bad...as it was a good sounding amp... More

Arcam Alpha 6 CD Player
(3 votes : 1 review)
4 out of 5
16 Sep 2019
By: Phillip
"Great Bones CD player with untapped potential."
Arcam Alpha 6 CD Player Nice player when as factory but a couple of changes to the op amps and again a great player... As standard thou still a great player. DAC inside is good and the transport is excellent. Op Amps thou have improved since the mid 90's and easy to change althou low profile op amps are needed due to the output board being mounted "mezzanine style" ...anyway clever english aside its a fab player sound wise and an update to discrete modules on the output... More

Rotel RQ-970BX
(6 votes : 1 review)
4 out of 5
15 Sep 2019
By: Phillip
"Phono amplifier"
Rotel RQ-970BX As standard its an OK Phono stage but modified with modular op amps this is fantastic! A quick search on the net will open up knowledge on how to change the op amp outputs and replace them with discrete outputs. Change the output capacitor for a poly capacitor and bingo... If I reviewed the standard phono amp i would give it a 2 but after the easy to do modifying, its probably more like a 4. Very happy with the outcome... More

Yamaha CDR-HD1000
(1 vote : 1 review)
2 out of 5
15 Sep 2019
By: Phillip
"CD Hard drive recorder"
Yamaha CDR-HD1000 OK when working but hard problems with it from the start...Did good recording however but two or three cd mechs later I gave up and bought second hand the much improved later CDR-HD1300 which basicall is the same machine but made reliable...Now have a second unit - an even later CDR-HD1500 which is the same again but capable of a bigger hard drive... All make great recordings from vinyl records and great copies of CD's. Easy to use but its no com... More