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Latest Reviews

Sony SS-E70 5 out of 5
08 August 2022
By: Den Finch
"Fine speakers indeed!"
Sony SS-E70 I bought these in 1977 as replacements for my Wharfedale Dentons. They immediately sounded far superior. Manufactured in West Germany, this made it plainly obvious that these would sound better than Japanese-made speakers of the same price! They lasted me a decade and a half until l upgraded to tannoy J-95 tower speakers. The Sonys provided me, my first ever quality speakers with my original hi-fi separates system, which l kept again for q... More

Sony SS-S9 5 out of 5
01 August 2022
By: amoo G
"amazing sound"
Sony SS-S9 its a good speaker for music there is no quality drop in this speaker and good at all good for under 80 M area More

Bose Interaudio 4000XL 5 out of 5
30 July 2022
By: Sean kerry
"Good sounding speakers with the right eq"
Bose Interaudio 4000XL These speakers are amazing for filling a large room with music. They have alot of bass but I'm a bass head and as i said before I can eq it down a little if I need to. The high can at some points be a little too harsh but once again with the right eq you can get them to sound amazing. I found my pair from a pub(in the uk) and had to re-cone one. They are very durable and have lasted 31 years perfectly fine(the re-cone was because someone put a bo... More

Teac V-1010 5 out of 5
27 July 2022
By: Jee yousuf
Teac V-1010 Very natural sound and out class performance More

Sansui A-60 4 out of 5
14 July 2022
By: Leon
"Sansui A60 recapped"
Sansui A-60 An electronics engineer friend recently sold / serviced / recapped his old amp to me . I own a number of Denon , Cambridge Audio receivers with various speakers . Tannoy , Klipsch and Q Accoustics , Velodyne and Yamaha . I like all of them . In the past , 1970-2016 I also owned Marantz and NAD . Unfortunately I sold them . I listen to music and do not care about the other nonsense . The little Sansui A60 sounds more analog and the power is un... More

Sony TA-E2000ESD 5 out of 5
06 July 2022
By: rick
"tae 1000/2000esd"
Sony TA-E2000ESD didnt know they done a 2000 i had the 1000 with dedicated power amp my first try of dolby cinema early 90s the es range was lovely i miss that kind of build with wood sides definantly would sell now if it was all updated to thx etc pure class design. More

Technics ST-G70L 5 out of 5
06 July 2022
By: rick
Technics ST-G70L cant remember the diffrences between this and 90 but this was a popular solid tuner More

Technics RS-B605 4 out of 5
06 July 2022
By: rick
Technics RS-B605 not a bad deck dbx was not bad either had this with a v50 amp first then added v90d old school stuff and still to me looks better than alot of hifi u get today More

Aiwa MX-D9 5 out of 5
06 July 2022
By: rick
"aiwa mxd9"
Aiwa MX-D9 brought this back in 89/90 full hifi system still have it today bbe button really enhances music tonaly better than technics midi at time and that sold me..paired with bose 301 it rocked. More

Bose 301 Series II 5 out of 5
06 July 2022
By: rick
"bose 301"
Bose 301 Series II bought 2 pairs setup on various diffrent amps fun speakers for parties clubs and pubs..foam ring a weak point and bass drivers commonly sieze. More