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Latest Reviews

Mission 701 5 out of 5
03 December 2023
By: Marc
Mission 701 Yet another update! Mission 731i + 701 pairs in parallel + DOUK M1 Pro amp running in 4Ω mode, 12awg speaker wire. 731i's got a new set of feet after sitting direct to carpet (cheapest significantly noticable mod). 701's immaculate, 731i's VGC (one faulty grille, took em off), purchased on ebay. With the Android EQ and DSP sorted (PowerEQ app, VLC streaming radio), system is Hypnotic. These speakers are excellent together. Total s... (Full Review)

Sansui AU-G55X 5 out of 5
09 November 2023
By: J.C.Roubos
"One first buy, best buy ever"
Sansui AU-G55X Combined with a SANSUI CD701 best ever. Deteailed, powerfull and very musical, never had anything better for stereo sound. Compared with the Denon if got now (AVR-X3200W) this one overclasses the Denon by far (even with the extra AMP Denon POA-2200) (Full Review)

Akai AT-K02 4 out of 5
08 November 2023
By: Eldred Godson
Akai AT-K02 I have an AKAI AT-K02L Tuner (L suffix does LW / MW /FM rather than just AM/FM) which I love. Heavyish unit with lovely build quality and a nice warm yellow glow to the full length easily legible analogue dial. Lovely weight and feel to the large smooth metal tuning knob, and solid heavy duty power switch. Connected to an AKAI AM-2650 / B&W dm580's it sounds terrific. Pretty much indistinguishable from DAB, only 'warmer' perhaps. It needs a g... (Full Review)

Rotel RA-870BX 4 out of 5
09 September 2023
By: Fred
"Punch and sparkle"
Rotel RA-870BX Bought a "dead" RA-870BX for $50 on Facebook. Tried a new tech locally who had it up and running for another $175. Really impressed with the athletic and dynamic qualities that you get! Compared to my NAD 3150 - which is 50 watts - this amp clearly sounds beefier. Infinity Qb’s sparkle with their EMIT tweeters. Infinity Laureates have a wide and deep soundstage. Only reason for 4-stars is kinda odd. When I first tried the amp I hooked up a B... (Full Review)

Tangent EVO E34 1 out of 5
04 September 2023
By: Yarick
"Tangent Evo E 34"
Tangent EVO E34 Very poor sound quality, it is not Hi Fi sound, I do not recommend it! (Full Review)

Tannoy Profile 638 5 out of 5
25 August 2023
By: Mario Francescutto
"Sonido HIFI real, altavoces para toda la vida"
Tannoy Profile 638 En el 2020 compré unas Tannoy Mercury M1, para la epoca, pues no podía permitirme otra cosa, fueron una estupenda elección, aconsejada gracia a un buen amigo. Después de muchos años, pude hacerme con unas Tannoy Revolution R2, un salto cualitativo impresionante, creía que serían suficientes para el resto de mi vida. Pero en agosto de 2023, tuve una buena oportunidad con unas Tannoy Profile 638, y creo que he alcanzado el paráiso de la reproducció...

Translation: In 2020 I bought some Tannoy Mercury M1, for the time, because I couldn't afford anything else, they were a great choice, recommended by a good friend. After many years, I was able to get hold of Tannoy Revolution R2, an impressive qualitative leap, I thought they would be enough for the rest of my life. But in August 2023, I had a good chance with a Tannoy Profile 638, and I think I've reached music reproduction paradise. Never before would I ha... (Full Review)

Technics SU-700 5 out of 5
23 August 2023
By: Juandita
"Nice amplifier"
Technics SU-700 I bought this amplifier some years ago when I was starting in the audio world. At first it needed some reparation on the safety relay because it has a cold point there but except that it works perfect and as usually of Technics a nice design (Full Review)

Tannoy M20 Series 90 4 out of 5
22 August 2023
By: Will Lord
"Tight sounding"
Tannoy M20 Series 90 Tight sounding speakers that can easily push to high volumes (I know from experience) that maintain clarity no matter volume level. Best paired with a good subwoofer in my opinion. Size is definitely reflected in sound as they have quite a large sound to them. I wouldn’t say the flattest sound, bass is a little accentuated but not overly. If you can pick a pair up for a good price I would highly recommend. (Full Review)

Kenwood L-1000M 5 out of 5
12 August 2023
By: jose
Kenwood L-1000M The L1000M is a gold medal among amplifiers, when I bought it many years ago, it was not among the best, after many years of improvement, it plays better than everything I had. Apart from the basic modifications, and the improvment really has one serious fault in the circuit, if you fix it, it is easy even better than older models from accuphase, if you take into account that it has as many as three transformers and is made like a tank, it doesn... (Full Review)

Shanling CD-T80 5 out of 5
19 July 2023
By: emjay
"So good I bought it twice!"
Shanling CD-T80 Originally had this in 2011 and sold it to upgrade to the CD-T100. Bad move. Although the CD-T100 looks the part, it doesn't have the sheer sonic abilities of the CD-T80. The CD-T100 was warm and flat compared. I instantly got that feeling of regret. So, I stuck with the CD-T100 until I'd saved enough money to go for the five star rated Roksan Caspian M2. What a difference. Now that is a machine but I still missed the CD-T80 so bought another ... (Full Review)