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Latest Reviews

Tannoy Mercury mX4-M 4 out of 5
06 September 2021
By: John N-T
"Tannoy Mercury Mx4"
Tannoy Mercury mX4-M Big floor standers that look and sound far better than their budget cost level. I have owned mine now for eight years from new - I researched speakers to connect to my bi-amp system and the Mx4s met my criteria and limited budget. They are :- - Rated 120 watts - bi-amp capable - look very good in the room - well made and have stood the test of time - good reviews at the time - Responsive with good bass yet rather neutral reproduction. ... More

Tannoy M15 Series 90 5 out of 5
21 August 2021
By: Jon T
"Tannoy MC15"
Tannoy M15 Series 90 30 year old British medium compact stand mounters. Excellent value on the secondhand market. Tidy looking with excellent balance and sensitivity. Although best suited to low and medium level listening they marry well with good amps like a Naim NAP 250 for example. Highly recommended if that's your bag and so cheap now, you can't really lose. More

Akai AA-R21L 4 out of 5
15 August 2021
By: Eldred
"Akai AA-R21L"
Akai AA-R21L Have an AA-R21L on my desk, acting as my office tuner, PC & cassette player (Akai GXC-704D) amp into a pair of Goodmans Studio Pro 100's...Wonderful FM sound with a big 75ohm dipole on the roof, and all the inputs you need for all the other jazz. Never been able to turn it up to 10 in my little study, but they are definitely old school 'real watts' as opposed to modern shonky watts... Just perfect for what it is, imho. More

Arcam Alpha 10 Integrated Amplifier 5 out of 5
08 August 2021
By: Bram66
"Arcam A10"
Arcam Alpha 10 Integrated Amplifier Great powerful amplifier with a lot of detail. I miss extra tone control, but otherwise I don't need it. Great !!! More

Tannoy Profile 637 5 out of 5
08 August 2021
By: Raz
"Amazing sound quality"
Tannoy Profile 637 I was looking a while for some GOOD speakers , and mum came with an idea to get to a auction house l where I live in Newcastle ( long story short she insisted to buy me them I got in love at the first sight as I have some rosewood furniture ) and she bought me these amazing pair of Tannoy 637 plus rosewood towers and since I praise the quality of sound in my house and a Denon amplifier hi-fi . And Im in my own little world More

Philips 590 4 out of 5
11 July 2021
By: Eric Chong
"Philips 590 Vintage Amp"
Philips 590 Wow, this Philips 590 sounds good, and it's evergreen. It has been more than ten years since I got this amplifier, and my customer sent it for repair and left it forever. I am equipped with Philips AD? ? ? 4" full-range long-throw speaker combination with AR tweeter (two-way) perfect sound, especially the bass sound enhancement of no echo, solid impact. Perfect sound for all range of vocal, jazz... ; More

Krell S-300i 5 out of 5
28 June 2021
By: John
"Krell s300i"
Krell S-300i Very capable amplifier which can be bought second hand for a fraction (~1.2k) of it's new price. It has most of the features of a brand new K300 which would cost ~8k ! Effortless power and current amplification (drive). Superb separation. Runs warm as its class A, and even in standby is using something like 20 watts. There's a full off power switch at the back though, and it sounds fine to my ears from cold. Makes some other highly regarded am... More

Cambridge Audio CXC 5 out of 5
28 June 2021
By: John
Cambridge Audio CXC Very good cd transport, high quality build. Never skips assuming clean cd's. More

Kenwood DP-3020 5 out of 5
27 June 2021
By: Luke
"Great retro CD player"
Kenwood DP-3020 My Dad has one of these players, and it plays CDs perfectly even after several decades. More

Kenwood KL-7070D 5 out of 5
25 May 2021
By: Joseph Bernecker
"Set of 4 7070D's"
Kenwood KL-7070D I have purchased these off Ebay from guys stationed in Korea. I run them Pan-ambio with my T.V... movies are visceral sound excellent 👌 More