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Latest Reviews

Sony STR-D1090 5 out of 5
16 December 2020
By: Robi
"Sony STR-D1090"
Sony STR-D1090 I've had mine for 30 years almost: in that time its been simply brilliant. Finally something has failed so I get the failsafe signal that usually means the speakers have shorted or similar, but with other speakers is does the same. There's no simple capacitor failure and nothing else I can see: the transformer checks out as in spec outputs. No local techs will touch it [obsolete money pit they say] so I keep looking for a used one so I can keep m... More

Pioneer SC-LX82 5 out of 5
13 December 2020
By: Kaj Olsen
"Fantastisk AV-AMP/Music AMP:-)"
Pioneer SC-LX82 Jeg havde denne forstærker i 9år, købte den i KT Radio sammen med et sæt Audiovector S3 og SC Center. Forstærkerenen her er med B&O ICE Powermoduler, den spiller som en drøm og har en power/kontrol ikke mange surroundforstærkere har, den spiller også rigtigt godt med musik i pure direct.. Der er MCAC kalibreringsmikrofon med og den indstiller alt til den mindste detalje, så det er kun småting man selv skal indstille Solgte denne og købte en Ma...

Google Translation: I had this amplifier for 9 years, bought it in KT Radio along with a set of Audiovector S3 and SC Center. The amplifier here is with B&O ICE Power modules, it plays like a dream and has a power / control not many surround amplifiers have, it also plays really well with music in pure direct. The MCAC calibration microphone is included and it sets everything to the smallest detail, so only small things you have to set yourself. Sold this and bou... More

Cambridge Audio R50 5 out of 5
21 November 2020
By: David Remmer
"One of my best ever purchases"
Cambridge Audio R50 I was 17 and looking for some speakers. A friend said that a friend of a friend had some excellent speakers that he was selling for £100 which in the late 1970s was a fair amount of money (indeed I don’t remember where I got such a sum given that my Saturday job paid £5.40 for the day). The seller was Dill Katz (he is still around I believe) and I bought them unseen. Imagine my surprise when these huge speakers arrived. They weigh 84lbs each and ... More

Pioneer PD-S703 5 out of 5
18 November 2020
By: Chris
"Product of the year 1998"
Pioneer PD-S703 What hi fi awarded this awsome player product of the year. I've had this cd player for over 20 years and recently gone for an upgrade to Marantz cd6006. I've been putting off comparing them but couldn't help listening again and wow the pioneer sounds so smooth and sweet. Listening to both I got a bit tired of the Sound of the new Marantz. Awsome CD if you can get one on Ebay you won't regret it. More

ProAc Studio 110 5 out of 5
11 November 2020
"One of the best."
ProAc Studio 110 Absolutely recommended. Top level . More

Bose Interaudio 2000XL 2 out of 5
11 November 2020
"Not good as the 3000XL"
Bose Interaudio 2000XL Compared to the upper model, they were a disappointment. We recommend them to a friend, having the model right above that I was happy with. But these didn't have the same sound rendering More

Bose Interaudio 3000XL 4 out of 5
11 November 2020
"Many years with this model."
Bose Interaudio 3000XL Interactions were the cheapest Bose coffers. But they had a very nice sound, great quality, proprietary speakers and a special tweeter design. They were produced in the West, I think in Ireland. With the invasion of Chinese products, the production of interrupted. Reliable. More

Micromega FM-10 4 out of 5
11 November 2020
"high quality sound."
Micromega FM-10 Perhaps this tuner is not among the easiest to program but once it is done the use becomes really easy. Compared to others, the sound is definitely better , up to the brand it carries. Beautiful design and metal case. More

Pioneer PD-6500 4 out of 5
11 November 2020
"Good player . Reliable with good sound."
Pioneer PD-6500 One of the first cd by Pioneer with 1bit proprietary chip technology alternative to Philips's bitsream and Technics's Mash. I've used this Pioneer for many years wit satisfaction. The player is a Japan conception with many many comfortables functions. More

Micromega CD-20 4 out of 5
11 November 2020
"One of the best."
Micromega CD-20 I've this cd in the past and it's very good player. If you don't want to spend more on the top cd30 model, this can be a very valid alternative. Recommended More