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Latest Reviews

Sony CDP-M77 5 out of 5
12 July 2024
By: Michael
"Sony cdp m77"
Sony CDP-M77 I had this unit for nearly 40 years. Never a bit of trouble, sounds incredible. Plays cd-r flawlessly. Great piece of retro kit. (Full Review)

Pioneer F-204RDS 4 out of 5
10 July 2024
By: E.Çapar
"F204 rds"
Pioneer F-204RDS It's a great device. The station broadcasts very well. Power consumption is acceptable. Modern design. (Full Review)

Wharfedale Diamond 9.5 4 out of 5
11 June 2024
By: C Charles
"Great at the price, especially nowadays."
Wharfedale Diamond 9.5 Solid construction, but vinyl finish options rather than real wood. Curved sides reduce standing waves. Floor spikes minimise vibrations. Expect non-fatiguing highs, amiable mid-range especially if paired with a Sony STR-DN1080 or similar. Frequency range isn't low enough to replace a subwoofer, yet they do give enjoyable laid back bass - which kicks harder closer to the wall than the advised 30+cm if eq'd to minimise bass muddiness. A clas... (Full Review)

Wharfedale CRS3 4 out of 5
08 June 2024
By: Glynn Uxbridge
"exceptional stereo image"
Wharfedale CRS3 I bought these for a small bedroom and mounted them on wall brackets with 150mm space behind. The stereo image is impressive. Plenty of everything. Having picked them up for a song I have been rewarded with a gift. Much more expensive and more recent speakers don't separate the double bass from the piano, guitar, sax and drums any better than these Wharfedales therefore I won't be parting with them. (Full Review)

JVC A-S5 5 out of 5
12 May 2024
By: Dave
"Often around for silly money"
JVC A-S5 Well worth checking 'usual used sites' online. A super sweet-sounding amplifier. It has nice clarity and is easy to listen to all day. (Full Review)

Sansui SP-X9700 5 out of 5
30 April 2024
By: rakoto
"sansui spx 9700"
Sansui SP-X9700 ce sont des enceintes très de bonne qualité sonore et très puissantes, elles de la clarté de l'aigue et le médium sans être criardes, basse très forte et ne nécessitent pas d'un ampli très puissant pour faire sortir sa gueule car elles sont très sensibles, donc très facile à pousser. je les conseille aux audiophiles car de trouver de telle enceinte en bon état n'est pas facile!!!

Translation: These speakers are very good sound quality and very powerful, they have clarity of the treble and midrange without being shrill, very strong bass and do not require a very powerful amp to make its sound come out because they are very sensitive, therefore very easy to drive. I recommend them to audiophiles because finding such a speaker in good condition is not easy!!! (Full Review)

Mordaunt Short MS905C 4 out of 5
29 April 2024
By: Philip
Mordaunt Short MS905C I also use these as stereo speakers. They are very very good. Just add some spikes or stands and you can use them in the vertical position. I was amazed! (Full Review)

Ruark Icon 5 out of 5
02 April 2024
By: S Lam
"A rare talented smaller format speaker"
Ruark Icon I found these for a bargain on eBay last year at a fraction of the new price and I'm really impressed. I normally prefer the larger sound stage of my custom-built Wilmslow audio floor standing speakers, but this time I was only looking for something for a smaller room of 3metres by 4metres. I've paired them with a Linn Sekrit DSM and Marantz CD6007 and I can genuinely hear the detail across a range of different material. It's a versatile s... (Full Review)

Pioneer CS-V11 4 out of 5
17 March 2024
By: Geoff
"Apparently these were used in bars in conjunction with a dukebox"
Pioneer CS-V11 Rare find, was told these were sold to bars/pubs in Australia to use in conjunction with a jukebox, as surrounds. Seems to me they have set up the "8 driver as more of a mid than a bass, also no wadding or foam anywhere internally,lining internal cavity completely with a thick heavy duty foam helped to add a bit of bass. I used a subwoofer, normally if in use, I'd set at a frequency of around 80hz, In this case setting sub to cut in at around... (Full Review)

Tannoy Oxford T125 5 out of 5
10 March 2024
By: Ben
"Amazing speakers"
Tannoy Oxford T125 Incredible speakers, the T125 Oxford are the only model from this serie used for monitoring...they sound incredibly good and natural and they are very well built...I match them with a monster receiver Technics SA700 from same era....2 x 100Watts RMS pure crisps...they can outclass so many modern speakers of above 1200$ and many very expensive famous vintage speakers also...If you find them in good shape, just don't miss them!!! (Full Review)


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