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Latest Reviews

KEF Q5 5 out of 5
08 May 2022
By: J.Broekx
"Kef Q5"
KEF Q5 Prima speakers ..m'n huiskamer is 32 vierkante meter en de kef Q5 geven een mooi vol geluid in de diepte en hoogte ..ik heb ze aangesloten op m'n Sansui G-5700 vintage versterker...ik heb ook vintage cerwin vega's ...die klinken beter als je vinyl draait

Translation: Excellent speakers .. my living room is 32 square meters and the kef Q5 give a nice full sound in depth and height .. I have them connected to my Sansui G-5700 vintage amplifier ... I also have vintage Cerwin vegas ... they sound better when you play vinyl More

Tannoy Cheviot 5 out of 5
02 April 2022
By: Greg
"Tannoy Cheviot"
Tannoy Cheviot I've been trying to upgrade my 20yr old Revel Performa F30's I started by bringing in Klipsch Forte iv's not even close like living with a large outspoken tweeter. Then it was the KEF R11 these were very nice but still didn't have the soundstage or the bass of the Revel's. So bring in Focal 936, very similar to the KEF's even more definition but didn't mustard up. Finally I got a recommendation to try the Tannoy Arden, but I could find a pair any... More

Bowers Wilkins Matrix 802 S1 5 out of 5
25 February 2022
By: dash
"pure gold"
Bowers Wilkins Matrix 802 S1 chose this over s2 s3 version. without any regrets.. closed cabinets are known for accurate sound.. but you lose allot of watts.. but i dont care.. these babys are 500 watt. i feed them 1200watts and they come alive.. i used to use a 600 amp. and trust me these need more to come alive.. s2 s3 require less watts for the same volume. and they go lower.. what is ofcourse a big plus. but i dont care really. i am in love.. and i am never going to ... More

Rotel RA-820B 4 out of 5
23 February 2022
"Rotel RA-820B Still Going"
Rotel RA-820B I agree 100%. I still have my RA-820B and it sounds as good today as it did back in the day. I was considering selling it for something 'newer' and more current, but then thought, "No way". I just can't part with something that is still in excellent condition and is working perfectly. More

Sony TA-F246E 5 out of 5
17 February 2022
By: Rollo
"Sony TA-F246E Power amp"
Sony TA-F246E Had this in my audio/video studio to drive main monitors B&W CD1 since 1997. Always given perfect clear sound and no probs. More

Technics SB-CS75 5 out of 5
11 February 2022
By: Keith Parker
"Sb cs75"
Technics SB-CS75 Great for old speakers. 120 watts and much better than cheap newer products. Buy for about 100 second-hand. More

Bose 601 Series IV 4 out of 5
09 February 2022
By: Allen Kirkland
Bose 601 Series IV I've owned a pair since 2001. Loved them the entire time. Not as crisp as my Klipsch, but they'll fill a house with ACDC Thunderstruck if you've got a big enough amp! Now- even after 20 years- they still play as good as ever. As far as I can tell- no serious degradation in speakers or crossover. When they finally give it up, I'll rebuild them. The enclosures are sonic genius- the components not quite as much- but still very good. More

Alchemist Axiom APD26a 5 out of 5
01 February 2022
By: Geoff Burns
"Alchemist Axiom APD26a"
Alchemist Axiom APD26a I've owned this amp for almost 25 years, and have yet to find anything under the 1000 mark that would tempt me away. Recently I added a Rega Exact cartridge and Fono MM phono stage to my Planar 3, and having let them bed in the sound is simply sublime (Speakers are Wharfdale Pacifics bought at the same time as the Alchemist). I've tested the sound with everything from Gregorian Chant. opera, orchestral (I'm a Mahler fan), metal, folk, jazz to ... More

Rotel RDP-980 5 out of 5
01 February 2022
By: Navanski
"Quality vintage DAC"
Rotel RDP-980 This thing is built to last, a really sturdy build with some quality components inside. It can handle up to 8 digital sources, 4 optical, 4 coax. I bought it recently to go with a Rotel RDD-980 CD transport. These two items match each other and were normally sold together. I was a little concerned because I already had a Topping DX3Pro which, as a budget DAC, is highly regarded in some circles. The newer Topping DAC can handle much higher 'Hi-Re... More

Tangent EVO E4 3 out of 5
30 January 2022
By: Andreas
"Evo 4 Bookshelf speaker"
Tangent EVO E4 I purchased the Evo 4 on sale for about 70 euro a pair, mine came in a beautiful real Walnut Veneer which makes it look very well crafted and looks much more expensive, this is a small speaker with a reported frequency range of 70 to 20k, Soundwise: lacks detail and bass is mediocre, soundstage sounds a bit muffled and missing the details from background instruments, pairing them with a set of svs Sb12-nsd subwoofers really brought the experience... More