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Latest Reviews

Tannoy E11 Series 90
(3 votes : 4 reviews)
4 out of 5
06 May 2020
By: promars
"Sound great!"
Tannoy E11 Series 90 I traded these for an old Dual turntable and didn't have any special expectations. I have a pair of old Tannoy Mercury S and love them, but these E11 sounds almost as good, and even perform a little better in the low end. More

Rotel RML-70
(2 votes : 1 review)
5 out of 5
02 May 2020
By: Squid
"Perfect bedroom speakers"
Rotel RML-70 I brought this speakers from eBay in about 2016 for use in my bedroom and have used and loved them ever since; they have beautifully balanced sound and look more stylish and sound much better than cheap modern speakers! I use them for listening to a wide range of music, listening to chat and talk shows and for watching movies through them. I currently have them powered from a NAD C 717 DVD Receiver More

Wharfedale 430
(1 vote : 1 review)
4 out of 5
01 May 2020
By: Oscar North
"Old School and Memorable"
Wharfedale 430 I picked up a pair of these ex-display from Richer Sounds in the early 90s. They did sterling service right up until 2006, when their scuffs and dings from multiple house-moves saw me donate them to a local charity. Twas a sad day. These Wharfedales had an upfront sound that was never too in-your-face and their bass response was pretty energetic, too. They could be driven to fairly hefty volume levels and they really made the most of dance ... More

Mission 760i
(21 votes : 3 reviews)
4 out of 5
20 Apr 2020
By: Phil Musk
"Not high-end, but excellent value for money"
Mission 760i Actually got the 760i SE versions, which are bi-wirable. Achilles heel seems to be method grilles attach, which is v fragile and most s/h pairs have poorly fitting grilles. Not a problem if you are happy to use them with naked drivers. In 2019, replaced the crossover electrolytic capacitor with matched pair from Falcon Acoustics. Staggered by the improvement and only about 3 per speaker! Give a detailed, clear sound without being harsh.... More

Sony APM-22ES
5 out of 5
26 Mar 2020
By: Duncan Lucas
"Sony APM-22ES speakers"
Sony APM-22ES Bought them in 1984 influenced by Alvin Gold -hi-fi reviewer and "golden ear " in hifi choice mag. He gave them a "best buy " commenting on the "near electrostatic" tweeters , I have had no reason to dispute that judgement as I am still using them , very much under appreciated . Beware ! later models of the same ilk had cheaper (inferior ) tweeters . More

Denon DRA-825R
(6 votes : 1 review)
5 out of 5
07 Mar 2020
By: Michael
"Reliable old friend"
Denon DRA-825R Great sound. This 30+ year old receiver ably powered my SDA-1s until fizzling out a few days ago. Wish I could replace it. I'm now using an X3600H to power the same speakers. The X3600H has excellent features for network and bluetooth connectivity - Great tech! ...not sure if I'll ever make use of the full 9.2 or 7.1.4 capabilities. I had no complaints about the 825RA. RIP More

Monitor Audio MA9
4 out of 5
05 Mar 2020
By: stuart
"Superbly Detailed Speakers"
Monitor Audio MA9 Monitor Audio MA9's from 1982 or there about Positives:wonderful soundstage and instrument separation, excellent clarity really brings out the fine details in the Music Negatives: Tweeter can be a bit shrill on already treble heavy Music and some female vocals which is slightly fatiguing however this only an occasional Issue for me, I think possibly experimenting with different speaker cable might solve this problem I am currently using Lin... More

Mission 760i
(21 votes : 3 reviews)
5 out of 5
14 Feb 2020
By: Charlie Toon
"Good speakers don't age!"
Mission 760i Wear and tear aside - as that's easily fixable and should readily be embraced. The age of a speaker is not a consideration, it's either a good speaker or not so good speaker! When buying, listen with your ears, not your eyes. Take some time out and fortify your mind! More

Wharfedale Delta 30.2
(9 votes : 2 reviews)
5 out of 5
07 Feb 2020
By: Ronald Lee
"Delta 30.2 -Under rated speaker"
Wharfedale Delta 30.2 This cheap looking speaker can deliver exceptional good sound for wide range - from bass to high tweeter note with clear separation. I found the speaker easy to drive with most amplifier. In comparison with my other 4 pairs of different hi end speakers, this Delta 30.2 (6-in paper cone for mid range) delivers clear sound and in particular the tweeter that gives very clear distinctive sound. Great value for a small price. More

Tannoy Mercury mXR-M
(1 vote : 1 review)
5 out of 5
03 Feb 2020
By: payaso25us
"did not expect how good it is"
Tannoy Mercury mXR-M the range frequency was what i wanted... 59hz to 20khz was enough to cover the vocals and cymbals ... connected to avr... i did have to piggyback toyota celica tweeters lol... amazing on the old yamaha rds 640 zoned and a rotel RE 840 equalizer not Ra! im looking forward to buying 2 more sets for the 2nd yamaha routed to the preout... the JBL control will be replaced as the frequency range is at 150hz and rated 4 ohms but sold as 8ohms ... Tann... More