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Technics SU-V450

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Description:2 x 45 watts (8 ohms)
Dimensions:430 x 126 x 311mm (W x H x D)

Rating: 8.22 out of 10
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By: Dick de Ronden 17th Sep 2014
5 out of 5 "Excellent"
After having owned a Technics Class AA SU-40 for 20 years I bought this one second hand off Ebay. The Amplifier is far more powerfull than the specs. It must be 2x 90 Watt. Anyway if it is/was 45 Watt per channel more than enough power to feed my 2 Indiana Line TESI 560 floorspeakers (recommended). Excellent Bass and clear Sound together with a vintage Sony X202-ES CD Player hooked up using a Beresford TC7520 DAC.
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By: Jerry Fryman 26th Feb 2012
5 out of 5 "More powerful than the stated specs."
On first powering up this amp I was disappointed but after 20 minutes the capacitors had charged and it just came to life. I used it to replace an ancient Quad pre/power amp and it just blew it away.
It has so much power, (mine has never been above 1/2 volume) it is never stretched. It drives with energy and depth and a clarity that certainly matches the Quad and indeed any other amp I have heard.
I feel sure this amp could drive just about any speaker system. I have it connected to a huge set of Kef's.
High quality switch gear, capacitors and circuitry. When it was designed it was one of the first to use Technics current system.
Good connections and sensible robust speaker connections at the rear.
If you are looking for a quality s/h amp from the vintage 80's then this one will not let you down. Don't believe all the stuff that is so prejudiced against Japanese Hi Fi. It is my opinion that you are better to buy a decent quality s/h amp cheaply and then devote more attention to the speakers. They will influence the sound more than any subtle differences in an amplifier.
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By: Erwin 12th Oct 2010
5 out of 5 "Technics SU-V450"
This Amp sounds very good but a little underpowered with 2 x 50 Watts RMS for that time at 8 ohms, but really the good stuff build by Technics in the late 80's for high quality sound.

They where not cheap to buy approx 420$US dollars at that time and a complete Hi-Fi system with CD Player, Cassette Deck and Tuner from this line cost more then 2000$US dollars in Europe in the late 80's but you get very good Hi-Fi sound in your living room if you have good speakers attached to this Amp.
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