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Description:2 x 50 watts (8 ohms)
Dimensions:430 x 125 x 320mm (W x H x D)
Year:1990 - 1991

Rating: 8.38 out of 10
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By: Lesur 17th Jul 2017
5 out of 5 "Technics SU-610 - Still Rocking"
So sorry, had to react to the other previous review: too negative. This machine was built for house. Bought it new somewhere in 92 and still use it on almost a daily basis. Just love the full sound it blasts out, the machine is a bit heavy on the bass side, but that's where the bass and treble are for. Use them. The CD player I bought with it also still does it work perfectly. Never cleaned it, just use it over and over. Never skips. Amplifier has been serviced once, couldn't live with a cracking sound in the volume control knob. Was just a bit of dust, no podmeter failure or whatever. Just dust. The machine is 25 years old, but still functions 100%. In combination with two small Chario Syntar speakers: a dream for playing electronic music. It's appearance? Love the design. Black and black and black. No fancy lighting what you don't need, just one red on/off button light. They still pop up for cheap on Ebay. Get it. Oldskool machine. Fat sound.
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By: BiggieTembo 7th Mar 2014
3 out of 5 "Technics SU-610"
Mmm... Technics amps from the 90s... Why is there always something not quite right with them...? For a start - they weigh a bloody ton (feels like some chump at the factory slipped a brick into the unit for a joke)... and they also have these sharp edges and corners (thank you, sadomasochistic designer!)... the knobs are kind of tight and little and weird to turn, making you feel output-wise like you are doing nothing, but physically twisting hard on the way-too-tight dial... and the in-out buttons are kind of... clicky-springy and immediate and weird... and all those "Class A" and "Class AA" series were made in a sort of miserable-looking grey-green black colour... OK, OK, for all of you out there not as colour-tactile-sensitive as me... This is an OK amp, albeit a bit scary - the red light on the front reminds me of Maximilian's eye from the Disney sci-fi movie - "The Black Hole" - staring right at ya...

Inherited from a colleague in 2013 who had used it near-enough every day since he bought it new, the only things that didn't work were the Tape Monitor button - you had to hold it in, otherwise the whole sound would just cut out (any solutions out there to fix this, web-guys?) and the left speaker output - it was flaky, as if there were a loose connection somewhere (solutions are very much welcomed, hyperspace heads ;-)).

Nevertheless, again, as with all 90s Technics amps, it worked good enough (with a constant finger holding in the tape monitor button); it did however sound a little on the "flat" side - the bass and treble functions didn't really make the sound as rich in fidelity as, say, a Kenwood KA 3020SE, but hey, that's another kettle of fish. Adjusting the bass and treble is truly needed here, but the sound just doesn't seem to "jump out at ya" - it was as if you were watching "Avatar" in 2D. (God forbid if you pair this behemoth up with the Technics RS-B355 cassette deck [reviewed elsewhere on this site]... you'd have a sound flatter than a Dutch pancake that's been Steam-Rollered!).

But hey - if you inherit this brute, like I did, or find this monster for a few green folding ones, or in yer Auntie's attic - it would be a good "spare" if your slightly better amp finally gives up the ghost one day. A great substitute or temporary replacement.

Overall, it warrants a 3-score, but it's a very high 3 ;-)
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