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Description:2 x 80 watts (8 ohms)
Dimensions:430 x 136 x 309mm (W x H x D)

Rating: 9.43 out of 10
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By: Shambles1980 27th Nov 2013
4 out of 5 "SA-EX100"
over all a good little amp.
has enough power to drive decent speakers. but anything above 1/2 power will become distorted and the increase of decibels after 50% power is minuscule.
It is a receiver amp which would usually make me think that it sacrificed fidelity for function, but over all the amp is good with a good range.
excellent home use amp, with enough power to be a house party pa, with 0.5% thd at 8ohm (80w per channel at 8ohm 100w per channel at 4ohm) it is actually very loud.

i have bought 2 of these amps to power 4 speakers (2 left 2 right) that way I can easily achieve the volume level I desire for house partys without coming close to distortion or having to have the amp(s) at 50% power.

they are actively cooled with what looks to be a 80mm fan on the back, this helps prevent the amplifier form over loading when under heavy use.
(some other versions did over load)

this is a 2.0 stereo amp. with a lot of bass and treble available via the treble and bass controls. (it has no loudness button)

it could use a digital graphic eq which I believe it could have been easily achieved, but even without that I still chose this particular amp for my needs.
I have had quite a few amps. the last 2 that I was using prior to this was a fisher ca-77 and a Sony ta-fe230.
I prefer the Technics. the fisher had a basic gfx-eq which i do miss, but the functions of the Sony were pretty much the same, The extra power form the Technics (30w extra per channel at 8ohm) and the ability to drop to 4ohm speakers for extra power if needed were the deciding factor.
the Thd is about the same at ~0.05% and the audible range is also about the same.

80w RMS per channel should be more than enough for most home users. "that would be a total of 160w music out 2x 80" (possibly to much) but like I said I chose to have 2 of these amps which is more like a total power out of 320w rms "4 x 80"
In all honesty I RARELY get the opportunity to use them to their full potential.
but they have a much better sound quality than a DJ's PA whilst producing similar amount of power.
with 2 of the amps running at 50% power you have enough power to fill a reasonable sized room for a private party/disco/dj set,
one of them alone is more than enough for a 30'x30' room. which would be a reasonably large living room space.
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