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Technics RS-B755

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Dimensions:430 x 135 x 290mm (W x H x D)
Year:1989 - 1990

Rating: 8.00 out of 10
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By: Vinnie 11th Aug 2012
5 out of 5 "RS-B765"
The one i own is the 765 not the 755 but there is no 765 listed so this review is done with the 765 in mind, i don't know what difference there is but it cannot be much as they seem to look identical, the only thing i noticed in the picture of the 755 is that the 765 has PXS cap beside the model number, i think this refers to better capacitors used in the circuitry but that seem to be the only difference, i used this machine for years and never had any problems, it was well looked after with the heads being cleaned and demagnitised every few months or before important recordings were to be made, great to have the three heads to calibrate and get the best from even cheap tapes, solid construction and good display, it even has search functions, A - B repeat and powered eject as well as three heads and independent channel calibration, a nice tape deck imo.
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