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Tannoy Mercury mXR-M

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Rec Amplifier:10 - 50 Watts
FQ Response:59Hz - 20kHz
Crossover FQ:2.9kHz
Impedance:8 Ohms
Dimensions:144 x 240 x 136mm (W x H x D)
Year:2000 - 2003

Rating: 10.00 out of 10
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By: payaso25us 3rd Feb 2020
5 out of 5 "did not expect how good it is"
the range frequency was what i wanted... 59hz to 20khz was enough to cover the vocals and cymbals ... connected to avr... i did have to piggyback toyota celica tweeters lol... amazing on the old yamaha rds 640 zoned and a rotel RE 840 equalizer not Ra!
im looking forward to buying 2 more sets for the 2nd yamaha routed to the preout... the JBL control will be replaced as the frequency range is at 150hz and rated 4 ohms but sold as 8ohms ... Tannoy achieves a solid natural sound specially when equalized
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