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Tannoy Mercury M20

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Enclosure Type:2 way ported hfdb.co/4797.php
Rec Amplifier:10 - 100 Watts
FQ Response:48Hz - 20kHz
Crossover FQ:3kHz
Impedance:8 Ohms
Dimensions:248 x 497 x 205mm (W x H x D)
Year:1988 - 1991

Rating: 9.43 out of 10
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By: Alan 8th Sep 2017
5 out of 5 "Tannow Mercury M20"
I've had these since 1987. First paired with a Marantz PM45 amp, Arcam alpha 5+ CD, QED R232E turntable. The whole thing sounded great, but as the CD player mechanism gave way, streaming and bluetooth came in, and a need for a tuner came up I got a Naim Unitilite (2017). Couldn't believe the improvement in sound quality, especially on FM radio (CD player isn't the best, but good).

My room is 4m x 4m and fairly 'hard' - no carpets, leather furniture. Speakers on home-made HD MDF stands that include very heavy engineering bricks, and about 15cm fom back wall, angled in toward listening area. The sound is very spacious, location of instruments and voices very precise. It's all very clean and untiring. Bass is pretty good - listening to Radio 1, where much of the msic includes some vey low bass shows it to be well extended. There's some real depth and atmosphere - like you're in the place where the recordings were made. The Naim kit really gives these speakers a great signal to work with which helps obviously. I can't imagine that I could get any better sound without spending at least 500 on speakers. By luck or whatever, I've arrived at a sound that is really enjoyable.
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