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Tannoy 635 D50

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Enclosure Type:2 way ported hfdb.co/3954.php
Rec Amplifier:10 - 120 Watts
Peak Power:200 Watts
FQ Response:42Hz - 30kHz
Crossover FQ:400Hz
Impedance:5 Ohms
Dimensions:286 x 820 x 264mm (W x H x D)
Year:1996 - 1998

Rating: 7.87 out of 10
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By: Nick Pledger 4th Aug 2020
4 out of 5 "Tannoy 635 D50"

This is a great speaker for the price - 499 reduced to 299 when I bought mine in the late 90s. A professional review of around that time rated them as "good", just below the top rating of "best buy" - this was at 499.

I bought them to provide tv sound, and for background sound in my sitting/dining room, together with items discarded from my "real hifi", and they have performed very well - always showing the benefit of upgrading and the quality hit when tv went digital.


1. A quality of coherence, due, I think, to the coax. drivers. which also give a wider stereo seating position.
2. Warm sound, extended frequency range.
3. Sensitivity allows for the use of all types of amps. including low powered valve amps.
4. Not fussy about positioning.
5. Good value for money for a floorstander
6. Strong, but boom free, bass.
7. Facility for bi-amping, bi-wiring

Not So Good:

1. Less tonally accurate than some 'speakers.
2. Voice detail could be more forward for use as a tv 'speaker
3. After 20+ years, the vinyl wrap on one speaker that gets exposed to the sun is starting to peel.

During lockdown, I bought a Quad Vena 2 amp to drive these 'speakers, the large jump in quality for both the DAC and the amplifier sections was clearly apparent.


If you can find a 2nd hand pair for less than , say, 400, and you like the Tannoy co-axial sound, I think that this would be a really good buy

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