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Tannoy 611

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Enclosure Type:3 way closed box hfdb.co/1380.php
Rec Amplifier:10 - 150 Watts
FQ Response:45Hz - 30kHz
Crossover FQ:400Hz, 2.5kHz
Impedance:6 Ohms
Dimensions:324 x 699 x 228mm (W x H x D)
Year:1991 - 1993

Rating: 9.24 out of 10
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By: Geoff Walmsley 28th Mar 2013
5 out of 5 "Tannoy 611"
Bought these speakers when they first came out (early 90's) teamed with a Pioneer A400GTE(Tom Evans modified) and a Marantz CD63 Signature. The sound is superb,the Tannoy 611's have gone through parties at disco levels, been abused by the kids and still sound superb. Positioning isn't critical, they can be tight up against a wall if space is of a premium. Just bought my son a pair of Tannoy 603's for his system and they sound pretty good following in the Tannoy tradition. I have owned Mission speakers and they are good, but not in the same league as the Tannoys. The other bonus with the 611's is the high sensitivity (91db) meaning even a low powered amplifier can drive them to window shaking levels.
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