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Description:Amplifier: 2 x 17 watts
Tuner: AM, LW, FM; built-in AM/LW antenna
External antenna connections: AM (wire), FM (wire), FM (coax cable)
Audio connections: tape in, tape out, phono in, aux in
Speaker connections: 4
Headphone connector
FM lock
Analog radio tuning and analog signal strength indicator
Aluminium-colored plastic housing.
Dimensions:420 x 108 x 250mm (W x H x D)

Rating: 6.00 out of 10
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By: Jan de Boer 13th Aug 2011
4 out of 5 "Philips F5110 still going strong after 30 years"
The F5110 was an early eighties replacement for my Akai AA1010 receiver (of which the FM tuning part died after only ~4 years of service). At that time slider controls had become the standard fashion for Hi-Fi equipment, and it was difficult to find a receiver that still had the classic round type of control knobs. Luckily, the local electric appliances shop in Diemen (Amsterdam) had such a traditional "radio" (as they called it) on the shelf, and the Philips F5110 was quickly sold. It has been in use from about 1981 to 2002 as the main stereo system. Then the phono connector became faulty, and I changed to a new receiver (Pioneer VSX-405RDS). However, the F5110 has entered its second life as the sound output system for my computer. The compact design (only 25 cm deep) makes that it fits on a small shelf on the wall.

Compared to the modern Pioneer receiver, the sound quality of the F5110 is a bit less, but still good enough for listening to music from the internet. The fact that the F5110 is still in use on a daily basis after 30 years, shows the good manufacturing quality of this receiver.
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