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Description:2 x 15 watts (8 ohms)
Dimensions:360 x 100 x 265mm (W x H x D)

Rating: 8.00 out of 10
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By: Walter 18th Dec 2016
4 out of 5 "Philips 590 HiFi amp"
In the seventies (so, it is real vintage today) I bought my first HiFi chain: a Philips 590 amplifier and Philips 691 tuner. The amp was driving a pair of Pioneer 3-way speakers with really nice gold coloured fronts. Both the amp and the tuner where stamped as "HiFi". They never let me down and always sounded great. When I married and moved to another city the HiFi chain remained behind with my parents, who never really used the system. When my mom moved to a service flat, I had the opportunity to get the complete system back in my poossession. I did very little restoration work: I replaced the light bulbs in the tuner and replaced also the caps in the filter of both speaker. That's all. Great was my surprise that this combination still sounded really good! The amp, although it delivers only a modest 2x15Watts into 8ohms, has no problem to provide a dynamic sound at pretty high volume. Pots and switches are not making any noise. This amp is really made to last forever. It now serves as a second system in my house. Great stuff!
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