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Kenwood KA-8150

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Description:2 x 75 watts (8 ohms)
Dimensions:430 x 149 x 384mm (W x H x D)

Rating: 10.00 out of 10
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By: John B 06 Jul 2020
5 out of 5 "kenwood KA 8150"
Been into electronics, and Hi-Fi in particular, for over 50 years now. My KA 8150 is so old it might be living on borrowed time, but still sounds amazing. Currently it is connected to a pair of Sansui SP 7300 speakers on one output, and my own home-made units on the other output.

Because the frequency response of the two pairs of speakers isn't identical, you tend to get a unique effect, especially because the speakers are in the corners of the room. Visitors are impressed with the sound quality, and one guest was convinced he was listening to surround sound.

Some time ago I digitised my music collection, and I now listen from a USB stick in a Teac AD800 multi-player deck (cassette tape, compact disc and USB).

Most people now want modern amps with remote control, bluetooth connectivity, and god knows what else. However I can tell you that the sound of this set-up is difficult to beat, regardless of how good you think your modern amp is.

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By: jaime 17 May 2013
4 out of 5 "KENWOOD KA 8150"
One of the best in 1977 and now
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