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Rating: 7.00 out of 10
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By: Big Willy 6th Sep 2018
3 out of 5 "Good reception, 8 station/band memory, no autoseek"
A very good sounding, nicely sensitive 1984-1985 era Pioneer tuner; rock solid output voltage >30 years after manufacturing.

Reliably pulls in FM stations that other equipment (high end receivers, not component tuners) in the same position did not. AM reception with a generic wire loop antenna is surprisingly good.

Reportedly selling for around $150 in 1985, this Pioneer AM/FM component tuner performs well and would look right at home next to your Honda CRX.

Notable characteristics:

UL listed, 8.5W stated maximum power consumption, made in Japan; old style antenna binding posts (not spring clips or coax). Labeled 300/75 ohm bal/un FM support via sharing AM ground.

Very clean sound, as piped through an NAD C 325BEE + Paradigm Monitors or Mini Monitors + sub.

Push button 8 station (8 each for AM and FM) memory. Tune to station, hold memory button down then press assigned number button, easy.

Terminally early 80s Japanese electronic aesthetics and interface; controls through bizarre, thin, silver plastic buttons. Button labeling is almost invisible as it barely contrasts with the background color (white on grey).

No autoseek at all; you can hold the tune buttons down to speed through the spectrum however.

The user cannot control stereo/mono (no FM stereo mute) in the FM band at all.

Green LED frequency display, Green 'tuned', Red 'stereo' and 'memory' LEDs. Standard RCA red/white analog stereo out.
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