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Canon S-50

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Rating: 9.75 out of 10
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By: Anthony 4th Dec 2013
5 out of 5 "Canon S-50"
Having been a hi-fi enthusiast for many years, the unusual style of these vintage speakers drew my curiosity and I eventually found a nice secondhand pair and decided to buy them for £125.00.I believe they were a £300.00 when new.

On first listening I was quite surprised, for the price one would pay for a cheap budget pair of speakers, I had purchased something quite superior in performance…plenty of deep bass and a very clean and clear treble. Mid range was exceptionally detailed and expansive, this being the only way I can explain the "wide imaging stereo" design of these really well built units, which incidentally, I was delighted to find had very heavy solid metal stands providing a very stable platform for the mushroom shaped speaker unit firing downward, which bolts to the top of them, making for a striking overall design and providing their wide imaging characteristic.

I have listened to them extensively and found their sound quality to suit an amplifier with either a neutral or neutral to soft (or slightly warm) character. A bright amp provokes the mid/treble area to become slightly confused at fuller volumes (they will handle 50 watts RMS into 8 Ohms)

I would certainly recommend them to anyone wanting to substantially better ordinary "budget" speakers these Canon's are very capable as a stand-alone stereo pair. They were produced by a subsidiary of the famous camera company and designed by the noted Alan Boothroyd of Meridian fame. They are light years better for the money and make a very acceptable sound
and have recently taken pride of place as rear-surround speakers in my £1000.00 7.1 Onkyo AV system, where their wide imaging nature has provided a new dimension!

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By: mark 9th Feb 2013
5 out of 5 "canon s50 speakers"
Not a lot of people know about these very special speakers I was absolutely amazed at the sound quality from these space age speakers that look like pack man from the 80s classic game, I've set these speakers up next to my mission 35i and I'm very please at the price I paid for the set plus I love the mushroom shape, these are truly remarkable speakers that any hifi nut should test drive, in the hifi world there classed as sleepers but not for long, if you know marideon hifi then you will understand the background of these speakers that are built like a brick and sound amazing, I would recommend these speakers to anyone
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