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Description:25 watts into 8 Ohms
Dimensions:430 x 90 x 300mm (W x H x D)

Rating: Not Rated
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By: Marcus Ridiculous 02 Jul 2013
4 out of 5 "Cambridge Audio A1 Integrated Amplifier"
Just to clear up some confusion. The original Cambridge Audio ceased production over 20 years ago (poss longer). This current range is that company in name only really. Cambridge Audio, along with the likes of Morduant Short, Gale etc were bought out by an Asian conglomerate.
There could well have been some original Cambridge engineer input during the design phase of this amp but it was one of the first Chinese built, rebranded pieces of kit (that's excluding the Taiwanese built NADs).
What these amps offer is a good degree of fidelity allied to better than average internal design and robust build (looks are maybe an acquired taste) for a price at about 40% of what a Cambridge would have cost at that time if they had still been in business.
To me it sounds like the above reviewer had a faulty example. Along with the Dacmagic these are solid budget audio offerings and pretty reliable too (normally). Partnered with a slightly smoother speaker they can conjure up some bargain magic.
No they don't directly compare to the original, except build, but they don't fall too far short and beat similarly priced products hands down.
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