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Denon DCD-2010AE

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Description:Advanced AL32 Processing + High Precision 192 kHz/32-bit D/A Converter // DAC Master Clock Circuit Design to suppress jitter and noise // Compressed Audio Restorer
// Digital Direct Play Function for iPod (via USB) // Direct Mechanical Ground Construction to minimize unwanted vibration // Minimum Signal paths // Original
drive mechanism, the heart of Denon’s digital Disc playback technology, with an aluminium tray // Engineering concept of complete separation of digital and analogue //
CD-R/RW Playback (MP3, WMA) // USB (MP3, WMA) Playback // SPDIF input (optical/coaxial) for upgrading other equipment // Pure Direct Mode // Super
Audio CD multi-channel playback (down mix stereo) // Carefully designed construction to preserve audio signal purity // Selected Hi-Fi parts // iPod recharge //
System remote control unit hfdb.co/2866.php
Dimensions:434 x 137 x 336mm (W x H x D)

Rating: 10.00 out of 10
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