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By: Eric 30th Oct 2018
3 out of 5 "Party Speakers"
I purchased a used pair in great condition. These were hooked up to a Sansui G-7700. I used the speakers for a few months. At lower volume they don't sound as good compared to higher volumes. The louder the better it seemed although I never went beyond 1/3 volume because even then at that level was neighborhood shaking. The speakers definitely could easily take it. They sounded very balanced, clear, and precise.
Then one day, one of the speakers had no bass. You could faintly hear the woofer try to make sound; the other drivers worked fine. I live in the same county as BIC so I called them to inquire repair. I left them a message. I emailed them. Both many times and all resulting in no correspondence. Finally on a call I got through and spoke to someone and they said I need a receipt from a authorized seller for the warranty. Since I bought these used....no warranty. Fine, can they be fixed without a warranty? BIC America failed to help on any level. This poor customer service left me with a non working speaker. No respect to this company now.
I opened the speakers up to hopefully fix them myself. I noticed the crossover on one speaker with different than the other working speaker. That's odd. Can this be poor quality control or no control. Speakers from BIC America RtR are made overseas.
Buy at your own risk.
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