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By: nightcleaner 21 Apr 2011
2 out of 5 "cambridge"
We had two of these. Second one was a replacement by Richer Sounds for the first that had gone wrong. The fault was exactly to the month the guarantee run out. The laser track needed cleaning and the laser stuck within the same time durations on all CDs. Not knowing this was the cause of the problem. Richer Sounds graciously under there superb warranty replaced it. The replacement miraculously after the same time period developed the same fault. There was another issue we did not like CDs would jump backwards occasionally when the draw closed and were caught between the draw and the casing and rendered CDs unusable. The players had a good sound we used it with a Musical Fidelity x-80 amplifier. We bought a second hand Sony CD player which is a workhorse plays anything no discriminating we never looked back. Has Superb remote on the Cambridge works all the functions on the musical fidelity amp which is still in use.
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By: nightcleaner 16 Feb 2011
4 out of 5 "Does What it says on the Box"
Why we gave it thumbs up. We have only realised recently its quality as a stand alone player. In its own right has a very good sound. Also consider it also as a stand alone upsampling DAC. Has all the necessary ingredients.
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By: nightcleaner 16 Feb 2011
5 out of 5 "sounds superb"
Beautiful sound. We Ran it through our Cambridge Dac. We found its better more involving sound to our ears to run it straight through to a Rotel RA-810A Very accomplished CD player. Buy one of these you wont need another. Look on TNT audio on how to upgrade this to a bigger league player if you feel you need to.
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By: nightcleaner 15 Feb 2011
4 out of 5 "Top notch sound you wont need to buy another player if you look after it"
No digital outputs but very good stand alone player. If you can find one second hand without a fault they go for 30 in flea markets.
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