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Enclosure Type:2 way Twin-ported Reflex
Rec Amplifier:10 - 100 Watts
Peak Power:75 Watts
FQ Response:50Hz - 30kHz
Crossover FQ:3kHz
Crossover Type:Advertised as 1st order high pass / 1st order low pass. Actual: 2nd order High pass, no low pass.
Impedance:8 Ohms
Internal Volume:17 Litres
Drivers:1" Aluminium Dome Tweeter
8" Bass Unit (Tannoy 2031)
Dimensions:499 x 324 x 228mm (W x H x D)
Weight:9kg / 19.8lbs
Year:1991 - 1993

Rating: 8.83 out of 10



By: Stuart McGill 15th Oct 2017
5 out of 5 "Tannoy Personal Experience"
I have owned a set of these speakers for a number of years. They perform best when bi-amped, I use an Arcam 7R integrated for the treble and Arcam 9 power for the mid/bass. The result is a compelling mixture of clarity and control, which easily shows the quality of recording.

They go loud and are great party speakers, in a positive way, never seaming strained or close to clipping.

They are physically large stand mounting speakers and I have mine on 12 inch stands to keep them at ear height when sitting down. They replaced as set of Celestion Ditton 15 speakers and sound to me to be the better speaker, despite the Dittons reputation. Perhaps it is the extended frequency range on the tannoys 30000 v 14000.

Would I change them, only if I could find a good set of 611 or 613 floor standers. As I believe that they have a similar sound, but have an even deeper bass.
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