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Sony TC-K611S

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Dimensions:430 x 123 x 306mm (W x H x D)

Rating: 8.33 out of 10
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By: BiggieTembo 21 May 2013
4 out of 5 "Sony TC-K611S review"
Great cassette deck - a bit clunky when changing functions, and the response is not super-quick, but great playback for the various Dolby settings on respective tape types. Dolby B lopped quite a bit off the top, but still sounded freash - Dolby C was much more refind, especially with Chrome tapes, but Dolby S, with either chrome or metal tapes, gave near CD-quality output, with the same analogue warmth.

A great feature of this unit was the ability to calibrate the bias for every indivivual tape used, so recording would be as near as to the original source as possible - the monitoring function was always spot-on when comparing in real-time recording situations - if you didn't want to calibrate and do what the bias wanted you to you, then you had the choice of listening yourself and judging your own aural comparisons...

Great function that showed how much time was left on tapes when recording, so you could fade out before the leader tape span around, but after 5 years (nearly every cassette player's lifespan, it started eating tapes, unfortunately...)
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