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Rotel RA-870BX

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Description:2 x 80 watts (8 ohms)
Dimensions:430 x 109 x 317mm (W x H x D)
Weight:9.8kg / 21.56lbs

Rating: 9.50 out of 10



By: Fred 9th Sep 2023
4 out of 5 "Punch and sparkle"
Bought a "dead" RA-870BX for $50 on Facebook. Tried a new tech locally who had it up and running for another $175.
Really impressed with the athletic and dynamic qualities that you get!
Compared to my NAD 3150 - which is 50 watts - this amp clearly sounds beefier. Infinity Qbs sparkle with their EMIT tweeters. Infinity Laureates have a wide and deep soundstage.
Only reason for 4-stars is kinda odd. When I first tried the amp I hooked up a Bluetooth audio streamer. Turned on the amp and a loud hum immediately started and was present on all inputs. Long story short, unplug the Bluetooth streamer and hum 100% disappears. Hope I can find a steamer that will work.

By: Tom 22nd Nov 2012
5 out of 5 "Rotel RA870BX"
I bought this second-hand from the original owner, an audio nut who upgraded every year regardless.
It definitely grunts out a LOT more than the rated 60 watts. The separation and sound stage are superb (given the right space, naturally). I matched it to a Rotel CD player, and WOW!, I have never heard music reproduction sound so crisp, dynamic, and alive, it positively sparkles in the air around you.
I have 3 other Rotel amps, all of them are truly superb, but this particular one even leaves the others in its dust, it's that bloody good. Rotel could charge 10 times the money and I reckon these would still sell.
BTW, I just saw one for sale at $500, not bad resale value for a 20 year old bit of kit. Folks must be catching on.
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