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Cyrus Mono X 200

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Description:Continuous Power: 150W (into 8 Ohms), 240W (into 4 Ohms)
Burst Peak Power:>1500W
Distortion: <0.004%, (1kHz into 8 Ohms)
Frequency Response: -3 dB at 0.5Hz and 300kHz
Slew rate: 700V/S (filters bypassed)
Max output Current: 80 Amps peak to peak
Sensitivity (RCA input): 380mV (for 50W into 8 Ohms)
Sensitivity (RCA input): 660mV (for 225W into 8 Ohms)
Sensitivity (BAL input): 775mV (for 50W into 8 Ohms)
Sensitivity (BAL input): 1.3V (for 225W into 8 Ohms)
Input impedance: 47kOhms (RCA), 20kOhms (BAL)
Chain Output voltage: 660mV (for 660mV RCA or 1.3V BAL input)
S/N ratio: 114dBA
Dimensions:215 x 73 x 360mm (W x H x D)

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